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  • 老王的日志 - 网易博客:老王的日志,2021年12月03日,2021年12月03日,2021年07月31日,2021年03月01日,2021年01月18日,2021年12月23日,2021年06月20日,2021年04月16日,2021年03月18日,2021年01月23日,老王的网易博客,冷静等待中。。。。。。。。。。。,概念设计师 奋斗老王

    Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Frank Doorhof and I’m a photographer/content creator/educator. This is the story of my journey into professional photography. How it all began I grew up in a family where my grandparents were very… Read more

  • Francesco De Marco

    Svalbard Islands – Arctic Photography With The ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

      By Coloratti Francesco De Marco The purpose of my trip was to better document the Arctic landscapes of the Svalbard Islands. I thought I’d share with you my experiences of photographing in such a harsh environment and how I… Read more

  • 老王vpm2.2.8下载安卓版

    Coloratti Profile – Erik Colombo

    Hello, my name is Erik Colombo and as an X-Rite Coloratti, I will give you an overview of my career, from my first interest in photography, to how I turned it into a professional career. First camera After completing my… Read more

  • Seeing Red? Our Eyes are Adaptable

    Eyes are adaptable. The human eye is quite complex and has a high degree of color adaptation. It automatically changes its sensitivity to a wide range of viewing conditions. Familiar colors or objects remain largely unchanged with variations in lighting or viewing conditions.

  • X-Rite i1Photo Pro 3: our personal photo assistant - Guest blog post by Coloratti Francesco Gola

    It’s 3:30am and the printer just stopped making sounds. In the air the soft music of Ludovico Einaudi fills the room and my cup of coffee is almost empty. I love printing at night, it’s like everything is happening in… 老王2.2.7

  • 老王app下载

    Coloratti Photos of the Week – November 2019 location shots

    This month we wanted to feature photos that our Coloratti took in some spectacular locations.  Choosing the right location for a shoot is one of the most important concerns when it comes to creating beautiful, professional results, especially when it’s… Read more

  • 老王v2.2.6

    Coloratti Photo of the Week – Autumn, October 2019

    It’s the last Thursday of October and it already feels like the last Thursday of autumn, as the weather is already turning so brisk as to only qualify for “Winter” status. But it’s definitely gorgeous outside. As William Cullen Bryant… 老王vpm2.2.8下载安卓版

  • Catalina 64 Bit Don't Worry! Be Happy!

    If you’re itching to upgrade to Catalina 64 bit and concerned about your X-Rite software we’ve been preparing for this for some time. We’ve got the updates to software ready for you. Just last month a new version of i1Studio… Read more


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